Reactions and actions


Checked out at the hotel, a head full of ideas, business cards in your purse. You have put your coat on and you are on your way home. But not before you answered these questions: what inspired you the most and what’s the first thing you will do tomorrow morning?







EU2016NL ‏@EU2016NL‬ May 24th

"Everyone deserves a safe work environment." - @LodewijkA‬ at conference on work-related cancer‬


ETUI ‏@ETUI_org‬ ‬ - May 23rd

Stop cancer at work now!


Sergio Iavicoli ‏@sergio222‬ ‬ - May 23rd

>100000 people in EU28 are diagnosed with work related #cancer‬ #eu2016‬ @ICOHBuzz‬ @EU_OSHA‬ @inail_gov‬


ETUI ‏@ETUI_org  - May 24th

"we need to have a better regulation and enforcement at a general level to prevent cancer at workplace" Laurent Vogel #pwrc


Jolanta Geduša ‏@Jolanta_Gedusa  - May 24th

Old habits die hard. For stimulating desired behaviour of workers - make the new routine for them. #pwrc @EU2016NL #Amsterdam


Jolanta Geduša May 24th

@efgaa Good job on the distribution of the #pwrc conference remarks!


OSHA ‏@EU_OSHA  - May 25th

Jukka Takala thanks NL presidency for "a milestone in preventing occupational cancer" #pwrc


Esther Lynch ‏@EstherLynchs – May 25th

Can’t just talk about death from work related cancer we need to include the years of suffering #pwrc


Aida Ponce Del C ‏@APonceETUI  - May 25th

#pwrc Takala We need a clear plan: An Observatory for getting better picture & measures When do we start?





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Monday 23rd of May

Kevin Myers

Rob Jongeneel en Petra Eysink


Tuesday 24rd of May

Lesley Rushton

Heinz Kropiunik

Bert Pol

Lode Godderis

Reinhold Rühl

Magnus Lindberg

Jop Groeneweg

Mirjam Luijten

Purificación Morán

Nicole Palmen

Wim van Veelen

Lars Brogaard


Wednesday 25th of May

Jukka Takala

Christa Sedlatschek

Paulien Bongers