A creative case for diversity

Of course we can talk a lot about diversity, but we can also show you! After all, a picture paints more than a thousands words. So come and take a look at the art exhibition on ‘Diversity and Inclusion: Challenging Implicit Bias' organised by the Centre for Visual Arts South-East Amsterdam.

The exhibition features four works of art from 'Rebelse Trots', a tribute to the black feminist movement of the 1980s in Amsterdam by Patricia Kaersenhout. The exhibition includes a portrait of keynote speaker Philomena Essed. In hall C you also find several other artworks with a strong intercultural message.

You can visit the exhibition until 3 December 2015 in hall C of the Kamerlingh Onnes Building, Steenschuur 25 in Leiden. For more information click here for Dutch and here for English.

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