Exhibition: three visual artists explore the concept of gender

Love for the other, in You

Three artists strongly committed to diversity and inclusion showed their work at the Oude UB Building in Leiden. The ‘Love for the other, in You’ exhibition includes works by Diana Blok, Risk Hazekamp and Eva Spierenburg.
All three visual artists explore, each in their own way, the concept of gender: transgender individuals, gender and sexual identity and the search for the other in yourself. The issue of (trans)gender identity is strongly connected to inclusiveness. It is about respect and acknowledging the fact that every individual is unique, but it is also about exclusion, uneasiness and denial.

Diana Blok

Visual artist Diana Blok created portraits of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, transgender, queer and intersex people she met in Turkey and Brazil, people that represent their sexual identity. The Turkish project was titled ‘See through us’, the Brazilian project was named ‘I challenge you to love me’. Diana Blok’s portraits reflect those portrayed, the artist and the viewer.

Risk Hazekamp

Risk Hazekamp’s work is a result of how gender is represented in our mass media. In her work, Risk Hazekamp undermines the way the media depict femininity and masculinity, using herself as a model, always in a different guise.

Eva Spierenburg

In her work, Eva Spierenburg explores herself in relation to the ephemeral body, in relation to a mother and a father, a woman and a man.

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