‘Diversity brings an additional vibe’

Professor Hester Bijl

‘Being an inclusive university is what we are aiming for’

Being an inclusive university is crucial to remain successful in the future. To begin with, because organisations with a diverse workforce are known to perform better, but also because of our role in society. And, last but not least, diversity brings an additional vibe, which makes us a more attractive university.

Further improving our diversity and inclusiveness enhances the quality of what we do. Inclusive teaching leads to better results among all students. Diversity-sensitive research avoids blind spots. And diverse teams are more innovative.


Being an inclusive university is what we are aiming for. Being a community where diversity is fostered, where different people feel welcome and have ample opportunity to develop and bring out the best in themselves. We take diversity and inclusiveness very seriously with focused attention, a diversity policy, and – most importantly – an active diversity team, supporting the university community to further improve diversity and inclusiveness. Since creating awareness, as well as sharing experiences, is an important part of becoming more inclusive, we organise a diversity symposium every year.


At this year’s symposium The Making of an Inclusive Leiden University. Do's and Don'ts, held on 1 December, we had  a diverse programme where different people told their stories. Read about their experiences in this magazine; browse through the inspiring examples of steps we have taken to improve diversity and inclusiveness. Be inspired by the research and views of our two keynote speakers.


At Leiden University, we strive for excellence, which means striving for diversity and  inclusiveness.


Professor Hester Bijl

Vice-Rector Magnificus

Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board

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