Magazine on the Spot

Also in English

Magazine on the Spot operates also in English? A short introduction in four questions for coördinator Jan Joost Aten.

What does the English Magazine on the Spot have to offer?
“In the Netherlands, every day several events take place where participants speak both English and Dutch, or even English only. These are often large events, dealing with issues that affect both working communities in The Netherlands and past the Dutch border. Magazine on the Spot offers a fast, comprehensive and attractive way to report on the event and its results.”

What key elements would you attribute to the English Magazine on the Spot?
“I’d say that Magazine on the Spot is a fast, high-quality product with journalism-elements. Our interviewing and writing team consists of experienced reporters who have earned their wings writing as journalists for all kinds of magazines and websites. Moreover, they’re either native English speakers or used to working in the English language. This way, they’re able quickly to reach the core of a subject in their interviews and articles, but also writing pleasant-to-read texts. The team also consists of highly capable graphic designers who are able to very quickly produce eye-catching magazines or websites.”

What do you mean by ‘journalism-elements’?
“We keep asking questions, both during the preliminary talks with a possible client and during an event. In that way, you get a focussed product which is read, trusted and appreciated by the target audience.”

Why is this not a smooth sales pitch?
“Because the Magazine on the Spot-concept has proven itself over the years, clients are very satisfied. I think that’s because we invest a lot of time and energy before the start of an event, talking to the client and making sure we’re on the same page as to what the magazine should be and do. Contact us if you want to know more!”