SSH Roundtables

Foster collaboration

At the NWO Synergy 2020 event, the SSH Roundtables were introduced to foster collaboration between the social sciences and humanities. Six roundtables will structure the discussions within their field and advise NWO on shaping policy.

Chantal Kemner, Professor at Utrecht University and member of the NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Domain Board, introduced the concept of the roundtables and presented the Chairs and co-Chairs. The roundtables will advise the SSH Domain Board about NWO policy and procedures, mission-driven innovation policy, and programming in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda. They will meet between four and six times a year and will act on behalf of a small cluster of disciplines. The roundtables consist of a maximum of eight researchers in various phases of their career, a Chair and a co-Chair.

Communicate with the field

During the session, the freshly installed Chairs and co-Chairs talked with the participants about possible discussion subjects for the roundtables, and how they could communicate effectively with the field. The participants expressed a need for more information about NWO’s policies and procedures, a desire to steer and influence them as well as a wish to be involved with agenda-setting. Several participants stressed the importance of balancing disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Kemner noted that more than 200 people have already applied to join the SSH Roundtables – and it’s still possible to apply. ‘I’m pleased to see that there is so much enthusiasm,’ said Kemner. ‘Now, we have to make sure we keep all the people that are interested involved.’

Interested in joining a SSH Roundtable? Register before 17 February.

SSH Roundtables: meet the chairs