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‘Focus on a common purpose’

‘The presentation by Rutger Hoekstra was fascinating and inspiring. Hoekstra pleaded for a common metric to measure the output of countries in terms of sustainability, equity and wellbeing, instead of the common metric of Gross Domestic Product. I think that’s the way forward for NWO to organise its research funds. We should try to get all humanities and social sciences researchers involved in this common purpose of improving sustainability, equity and wellbeing.’

John Hoeks

Professor of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Groningen

‘Building bridges’

‘I’m an industrial engineer and very interested in building bridges between technology and research from the social sciences and humanities. If you want to create good designs, not only do you need technical skills, but also a thorough understanding of people. Designers have only relatively recently started to collaborate with people from the social sciences and humanities to create human-centred designs. There is still a lot to explore.’

Niko Vegt

Post-doctoral researcher Industrial Design, TU Delft

‘Great network opportunity’

‘I work at DANS; we promote open science and help researchers to make their data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. This event is a great network opportunity, I have given my card to at least ten people. You meet all kinds of people from the social sciences and humanities – from researchers and research supporters to policymakers. Also, I learned about some interesting research projects. I’m particularly impressed by the research of the winners of the Synergy Award on gender and ethnic representation in schoolbooks.’

Ricarda Braukmann

Programme Leader Social Sciences, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

‘Involve other disciplines’

‘It’s good to mingle social sciences and humanities, but maybe we should also have other disciplines involved. I have a degree in computer science, and I think many projects can benefit from involving a software developer. There might be other disciplines that can likewise be a valuable addition.’

Ruth Shortall

Post-doctoral researcher at TU Delft

‘Innovate science’

‘I’m here to promote the Journal of Trial and Error: an open-access, open-science journal that publishes negative results. We’re working on our first issue right now. I enjoyed the keynote by Andy Miah, who told the audience to innovate science and keep up with young people. To stay young.’

Jobke Visser

Co-founder and board member of Journal of Trial and Error

‘It resonated’

‘I have worked for NWO for many years, and I’m interested in new developments in the field of research. This year, I was invited to coach the teams running for the Synergy Award. I personally enjoyed the discussion about the human development index and the sustainability goals. The discussion isn’t all that new, but I liked the way it resonated in the audience.’

Henk Molenaar

Freelance adviser research policy


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